Which Is the School Education In West Bengal

School education west Bengal

The Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal, is endowed with the responsibility of enhancing Access,

Equity and Quality in education across the State by bringing into practice the over-arching vision and charge of 21st century Education at the Primary, Upper- Primary, Secondary and Advanced Secondary situations.

The Department as the nodal body has several distinct Functionaries which look after colorful aspects of School education for the state. The Functionaries have well- defined assignments.

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Some of these are development of Curriculum, Syllabus, Text Books, Evaluation Pattern and In- service preceptors’ Training( Expert Committee on School Education), Conducting Board/ Council Examinations and furnishing Academic Guidance,( Boards and Councils), Preparation of Research Material and Follow- up.

Training( SCERT), examination( Inspectorate), Reclamation of preceptors staff( Service Commission), prosecution of systems and Schemes( Project Office).

These Functionaries work in tandem with an eye to promote and consolidate the different merits of education.

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Department of School and Higher Education is the department of School education including primary and secondary seminaries in the state of West Bengal, India.

This is the main authority to apply the educational policy of the Government of West Bengal.

The department is the nodal body which look after colorful aspects of School position educations for the state having specific tasks like textbook book selection, conformation of board and councils( West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Advanced Secondary Education), examination, reclamation of preceptors( Government)/ education staff, prosecution of systems, language policy and schemes, medication of tutoring, training, exploration etc.

There are also have the regular budgeting, inspection programs, recognition, over- gradation of seminaries and legal matters.

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