What to the School Ring Symbolize?

The tradition of wearing rings as a symbol of school pride is long and cherished. But what does each design mean? If you have not worn a school ring in years.

now is the time to buy one from your local graduation center – official ring – Jostens can be a good online source too.

We’ll talk about class rings’ meanings, design, and symbolism. Then, we’ll discuss why you should wear them.

Class ring styles

If you are not sure about the style of your class ring, you can always get one at a discount from your local jewelry store.

You can also have it custom-made so that it has special features. You can get it engraved, which will add to its value.


Another option is to visit a jewelry store in your local area and ask for some ideas.

Whatever you do, make sure you find a ring you like. After all, you want to be able to wear it for years to come.

Once you have decided on the style, the next step is to decide on the metal and design.

The traditional high school class ring is made of gold, but the modern class rings are made of various metals, including platinum.


Antique gold ring feature the entire piece in gold, while satin gold ones have black enamel detail.

Platinum rings are also popular and can be customize.

Choose wisely when purchasing your class ring. It can make or break your graduation day!


The symbolism of high school rings is var. Students may choose to purchase class rings as a way to commemorate their high school graduation.

Student are encourage to design their ring, but if they do not feel comfortable doing so, they may also opt not to.

In some cases, class rings may be worn outward as a symbol of unity and community.

Regardless of the symbolism of a high school ring, it is a symbol of the bond of community that bind people together.

The high school ring ceremony take place at the end of each school year. Junior receive class ring, which represent the transition to senior year.

This ceremony is the last event of the school year and a sign of the closeness of the graduating class to graduation.

Traditionally, rings were worn facing inward. However, nowadays, many student choose to turn their class rings outward as a symbol of them graduating.


What’s the meaning behind the turning of the graduation ring? Graduating student traditionally turn their ring facing out, symbolizing their pending graduation.

However, a ring may also be turn clockwise by family members, classmates, and teachers.

Turning the ring can take place in two directions – clockwise for a recent graduate and counter-clockwise for someone who graduate a few years ago.

However, student can also create a new tradition.

Ring dance are also important tradition. While they’re generally associate with college, some high school hold a formal ring ceremony.

This ceremony usually takes place during Ring Week, which takes place in August or September.

It’s an opportunity for students to view and pick out their styles and can also have a special meaning.

Ring dance often involve a giant replica of the class ring, which is symbolic.

When a person walks through it, the meaning of the ring is further enhance.


Turning your high school rings is a tradition that can be fun and meaningful.

The last person to turn your ring has special significance, as they must do it in the opposite direction of everyone else.

This is a way of symbolizing that you’re the last one to turn your ring, and no one else do it.

Many people have assign special meanings to specific digit, such as the fourteenth turn for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

and the last two digits of your graduation year to honor your favorite teacher or coach.

The stone on your high school ring should be of equal size and color. While many school have a traditional blue stone.

you may choose to order a stone with a different cut. However, you can also order a stone that is slightly larger or smaller than your classmate.

Remember, the stone is an important symbol of your high school graduation, and you should make sure that your ring has the same meaning to you as you do.

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