what is the Symbols of Knowledge information ?

Symbols of knowledge, perception and insight can be found in every corner of the globe. While some of these symbols are famous and in common use around.

the world, others are less well-known and limit to the specific country, religion or culture in which they originated.

In this article, we’ll be describing some of the most famous symbols of knowledge including their symbolism, where they came from and how they’re use today.


Possibly the most recognizable symbol of wisdom, the owl has use since ancient times to represent wisdom and knowledge.

In ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom.

The ‘wise old owl’ is able to see at night, symbolizing its ability to perceive what others do not.

It has large eye which take in the world, and its silent nature allows it to observe the world around it.

The ancient Greek thought that owls had a special light within it that allowed it to navigate.

the world at night, which strengthen its association with wisdom and illumination.


Books have been associate with learning, knowledge and insight since ancient times.

Many education logo feature book, while most religion feature their holy books as the symbol of enlightenment and knowledge.

Object associate with book and writing, such as pens, paper, plumes and scrolls are also often use as symbols of knowledge.


Light Bulb

Since its invention, light bulb have been used to represent ideas, creativity and knowledge.

This comes from its association with light, which is use to represent understanding.

To see the light means to understand, while the phrases the light aren’t on or dim-witted mean that a person doesn’t understand.

As the light bulb gives us light, and helps us to understand, it’s the ideal symbol of knowledge.



The lotus flower is often use in Eastern spirituality and Buddhism to represent wisdom, enlightenment and rebirth.

This association come from the lotus’ ability to stay rooted in muck and filth and yet to rise above its environment and bloom in beauty and purity.

The lotus is ever reaching upwards, facing the sun. In this context.

the lotus represent a person reaching towards wisdom and enlightenment, transcending attachment to material object and physical desire.

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