What is the school Education department Punjab

Punjab School Education Board

Punjab School Education Board( shortenedP.S.E.B.) is a academy board grounded in Mohali, Punjab, India. It was innovated in 1969 under a legislative act of the Government of Punjab to administer the class tutored in public seminaries in the Punjab state and conduct formalized examinations in addition to conducting administration of literacy, and publishing of handbooks.

The headquarters of the Board are located in SAS Nagar( Mohali), near Chandigarh.

The Board is headed by a full- time Chairman whose term lasts three times and who technically reports to the Secretary of School Education in the Government of Punjab.

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Punjab School Education Board

The current Education Secretary of the board is IAS Sh Harsant Singh sekhon who’s unfeignedly committed to shape the education system of Punjab by his pioneering enterprise like’ Padho Punjab’.

Chandigarh The Punjab School Education Department has also decided to bring subject of physical education and sports under the perview of Punjab Achievement Survey( papas) and issued a date distance in this regard.

telling this, moment a prophet of the Punjab School Education Department said that the academy education department has included physical education and sports in the Punjab Achievement Survey like other subjects.

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Punjab School Education Board

According to the prophet, VI class physical education and sports paper will be conducted on 10th October, VII class on 11th October, VIII class on 12th October and IX and X paper will be on 13th October 2020 under papas.

This check is being conducted to assess the literacy capability of scholars from primary to 12th standard. scholars from government seminaries, government backed, accredited and associate seminaries of the state are sharing in it.

The evaluation of the remaining subjects in the first phase of the check was completed on October 3 in which the scholars shared with enthusiasm.

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