What Is The Punjab School Education Department

Education Department directed to the subject cited above and to state that during the course of departmental promotions time School Education Department.

The Punjab School Education Department

received representation from the Heads/Subject Specialist (BS-17) having Masters degree in MA Education requesting for consideration of their cases for promotion to BS-18 (Annex-A).

As per the existing Service Rules, i.e. The Punjab School Education Department (School Education) Service Rules, 2014.

following minimum qualification is require for consideration of cases for promotion from BS-17 to BS-18.

“(i) Master’s degree in (Arts or Science) (second division) from a recognized University Note: Master’s degree for Senior Subject.

Specialist must be in relevant subject (W) M.Ed., M.A (Education) or B.Ed. (Second Division) from a recognize University.


The Punjab School Education Department

  1. I am further direct to state that School Education Department for the purpose of recruitment of Educator under the previous Police for recruitment of Educator.

    has been allowing candidate holding the degrees of MA Education and MS.Ed. to apply for the post of Educators by treating them.

    at par with other candidate holding academic qualifications equivalent to Master degrees/ BS (Hons).

    Moreover, during a meeting of the Qualification Equivalence Determination Committee (QEDC) of the School Education Department held on 30.09.2020.
  2. it was decide that the teacher recruit in School Education Department for the subject of Education having MA (Education) shall not require any further qualification of B.Ed.

    or M.Ed. (Annex-B) and Degree of MA (Education) will be consider as academic as well as professional qualification.
  3. School Education Department sought guidance from Regulations Wing of S&GAD Department in this matter wherein Regulation Wing vied letter No.

    SORORITY(S&GAD)2-3/2004(P) dated 15-06-2021 and 30.06.2022 (Annex-C&D) has already advised the School Education Department to move a case for amendment in the Service Rules in line with.

    the decision of QEDC meetings vis-a-vis reflection of degrees in the Service Rules before making promotion against posts of BS-18.

The Punjab School Education Department

Moreover, of late, Punjab Service Tribunal (PST) has passed order dated 14.04.2022 in a case titled “Muhammad Afzal Vs Chief Secretary, Govt.

of the Punjab, Lahore” in appeal No. 2256/2021. Operative part of the order is reproduced as under:- (Annex-E)

“Resultantly, the respondents are directed to consider the case of the appellant for recruitment under 67% quota by promotion against.

the posts of Headmaster (BS-17) and if the appellant comes on merit then to promote him in accordance with law”


The Punjab School Education Department

The Punjab School Education Departments (School Education) Service Rules.

2014 were notified on 14.03.2014 (Annex-F) but the adore-stated anomaly has not been addressed so far.

There is a need to amend these Rule in line with the advice of Regulations Wing as well as decision dated.

14.04.2022 of PST so that the employee working in BS-17 having qualifications of MA Education and MS.Ed.

can be consider for promotion to BS-18. School Education Department has accordingly prepared a draft of amendment in the existing Rules which may be seen at Annex-G.

Given the scenario, I am direct to forward the proposal for amendment in the Punjab School Education Department (School Education) Service Rules.

2014 for presenting before the Service Rule Committee (SRC) for further process, please.

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