Quality and Management of School Education

Quality and Management of School Education Many of the ideas associated with TQM are now well developed in higher education and notions of quality assurance

Objectives of Course: To enable the student teacher to1.

Understand the concept of Management.

  1. concept of quality and enlist the dimensions of quality.
  2. need and importance of school accreditation.
  3. Acquire knowledge regarding the concept and process of Human Resource Management in school
  4. Get acquainted with the essential infrastructural resources for quality management.
  5. Identify the problems and its management in secondary and Higher secondary education.
  6. Become familiar with different types of school boards in India.
  7. administrative set up of Government and function of supportive authorities.


Unit I

Ø Fundamentals of Management and Quality Management (1-Credit)

  1. Meaning and functions of Management
  2. Types of Management :

    a) Time Management

    b) Event Management

    c) Class room management
  3. Modern Theories of Management

    a) Henry Fayol b) Peter Ducker
  4. Concept of Quality management and SWOT Analysis.
  5. TQM in Education and school Accreditation Meaning, Need and criteria for School Accreditation.


Unit : II Managerial Practices : Human and Infrastructural Resources (1 Credit)

  1. Training and Development of Human Resource.

    a) Pre-Service b) In-service
  2. Role and Qualities of Human Resource

    a) Teacher B) Supervisor and Head Master c) Parents
  3. Leadership:- Concept , Styles and Types
  4. Essential infrastructural facilities in secondaryand higher secondary schools
  5. Quality Management of Infrastructural Resources.

    a) Creation b) Maintenance c) Optimum Use

Unit : III Management of Various problems at Secondary and Higher Secondary Level.

  1. Wastage and stagnation

    2 Crowded classes.
  2. Discipline problem in school
  3. Vocationalisation of Education
  4. Current issues and problems at Higher Secondary Level

Unit IV : Components of School Management and Administrative setup in Education.

  1. School Records- Types and its importance
  2. Co-curricular activities : Need and importance of organization of Co-curricular activities.
  3. Government administrative setup and authorities.
  4. Types of School Board:-

    a) S.S.C. and H.S.C.

    b) CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

    c) ICSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education)

    d) IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  5. Structure and functions of- NCERT, SCERT, NCTE,

    Mode of Transaction: – Lectures, Discussion, Use of ICT, Field visits, Assignments, Seminar presentation.

Practical (Any One)

  1. Study of School Management- Management of Infrastructural resources in school.
  2. Organizationof any one Co-curricular activity in school and prepare a report on its
    management and problems faced.
  3. Preparation of an awareness programme on various indiscipline problems faced in schools.

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