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Introduction : MBOSE

Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) first started in 1973, Headquarters at Tura, to conduct Examination, frame syllabus and evaluation & certification of SSLC Examination for the first time in 1974. Higher Secondary Section was then called as P.U. (Pre-University) and its examination process was handled by NEHU-North East Hills University, head office at Shillong.

But after 1996, when the University (NEHU) discontinued the Pre-University Course, it was taken over by the Board, since then all the financial matters, relating with SSLC and HSSLC branch were being dealt by the Board itself. Due to the increasing number of students per year, the work load is also increased. After 1996, the Board is handling all the academic matters related with framing of syllabus for all the classes, including SSLC and HSSLC.

Chairman`s Message

It is famously said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With the sole endeavour to spread knowledge and education,Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education popularly known as MBOSE has been in service of the people for Meghalaya for the last four decades since its establishment in the autumn of 1973. In this sojourn it has moulded generations of people belonging to distinct walks of life from all socio-ethnic backgrounds. The board proudly claims itself to be a part of the life stream in Meghalaya working towards advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

Today the board is entrusted to meet the demands of modern day education which has undergone rapid change in a highly globalized environment. We cannot remain aloof and have to be a part of the change.In the intense competitive environment we are pacing ourselves with contemporary thoughts. We are encouraging the use of technology and conducting regular training programs for our staff as well as thousands of teachers who are the linchpin of the education system.

I am honoured to be at the helm of such an important organization which was, is and will be playing a deciding role in the betterment of the state. It is my aim to keep up the efficiency and transparency in the board and aim for newer heights. I pray to the almighty to bestow upon his blessings on each and every member of the board so that we can keep up the good work and steer the students and society as a whole towards a better tomorrow.

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MBOSE is committed to quality education for the holistic development of all students, culminating in attaining excellence in their lives, so that they will be a blessing to the society and the world at large.


  • To educate and empower both the students and the teaching community.
  • To further academic excellence by preparing students to compete in knowledge based society.
  • To prepare students to be leaders and decision makers
  • To strive for the physical, intellectual, emotional and artistic development.



The legislation for the setting up of the Meghalaya Board of School Education to regulate, supervise and control school education in the State of Meghalaya came into force on 25th September, 1973 under the Meghalaya Board of School Education Act, 1973 (Meghalaya Act 10, 1973). The Board was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Late Captain W. A. Sangma on 19th October, 1973 in the State Central Library Auditorium, Shillong.

The First Board Members

Shri Uma Kanta Sharma, Director of Public Instruction was the first Chairman of the Meghalaya Board of School Educatrion (MBOSE). Pending the appointment of a regular Secretary, Shri K. C. Chetia, Joint Director of Public Instruction, Meghalaya, took over as the first Secretary of MBOSE.

The first meeting of the Board was held on 19th October,1973 in the Office of the MBOSE Secretary, at Shillong with the following as members :

  1. Shri Uma Kanta Sarma,
    Director of Public Instruction,
    Meghalaya Chairman
  2. Shri K.C. Chetia,
    Jt. Director of Public Instruction,
    Meghalaya Secretary
  3. Shri S. L. Khosla, IAS,
    Director of Industries Member
  4. Mrs. E. N. Shullai,
    Inspector of Schools,
    Khasi Hills Member
  5. Shri Milton S. Sangma,
    Lecturer, Union Christian College,
    Barapani Member
  6. Shri Akbar Khonglah, Head Master,
    Sohkha, M. E. School Member
  7. Smti. Graciefields K. Marak,
    Head Mistress, Christian Girls� High School, Tura Member
  8. Smti. Gerejini W. Momin,
    Asstt. Teacher, Govt. M.P. School, Tura Member
  9. Shri R. M. Mukhlieng,
    Lecturer, Shillong Polytechnic Institute Member
  10. Shri Keneth M. Momin,
    Lecturer, Tura Govt. College Member
  11. Smti. L. B. Lamin,
    Executive Member, Khasi Hills District Council,
    Shillong Member
  12. Shri C. Kharkongor,
    Education Officer, Jaintia Hills District Council,
    Jowai Member
  13. Shri Kshirode Marak,
    Asstt. Secretary, Executive Committee,
    Garo Hills District Council, Tura Member

The Board enjoyed the Chairmanship of the following officers : MBOSE

  1. Shri Uma Kanta Sarma (1973 � 1975)
  2. Shri V. S. Jafa, I.A.S. (1975-1977)
  3. Shri J. Ropmay, I.A.S. (1977 � 1978)
  4. Shri V.S. Jafa, I.A.S. (1978 � 1980)
  5. Shri J. M. Phira, I.A.S. (1980 � 1981)
  6. Shri V.S.Jafa, I.A.S. (1981)
  7. Shri H.W. T. Syiem, I.A.S. (1981-1982)
  8. Shri I. Jyrwa, I.A.S. (1982)
  9. Shri T. Budkma, A.C.S. (1982 � 1984)
  10. Smti. M.R.Mawlong, A.C.S. (1984�1988)
  11. Shri W.R. Laitflang, A.C.S. (1988 � 1989)
  12. Shri G.P. Wahlang, I.A.S. (1989 � 1991)
  13. Smti. M. R. Mawlong, I.A.S. (1991 � 1992)
  14. Shri L. Roy, I.A.S. (1992 � 1997)
  15. Shri Y. Tsering, I.A.S. (1997 August, – 1998 September)
  16. Shri L. Roy,IAS �1998-1999
  17. Shri Y. Tsering,IAS — 1999-2000
  18. Shri R. Chatterjee,IAS — 2000-2001
  19. Shri E. P. Kharbhih,IAS — 2002
  20. Shri R. Chatterjee,IAS — 2002
  21. Shri L. Roy, IAS — 2002-2004
  22. Smt. R. V. Suchiang,IAS– 2005-2006
  23. Shri T. T. C. Marak, (Executive Chairman) IFS — 2006-2009
  24. Shri E. P. Kharbhih, (Executive Chairman) IAS — 2009 till date

Secretaries of the Board

  1. Shri K.C. Chetia (October, 1973 � December, 1973)
  2. Shri Kiran Ch. Deka (December, 1973 � January, 1976)
  3. Shri S.C. Saha (January, 1976 � August, 1978)
  4. Shri Irwin K. Sangma (August, 1978 � February, 1991)
  5. Shri Keneth M. Momin ( February, 1991 – July, 1996)
  6. Shri.Brucellish K. Sangma (M.A. B.ed) (3rd July 1996 to 3rd October 2000)
  7. Shri.W. K. Khongwir:(M.A) (4th October 2000 to 10th December 2000)
  8. Shri L. D. Shira (M.A) (11th December 2000 to 31th January 2005)
  9. Smt. C. W. Momin (1st February 2005 to 26th September 2005)

The Humble Beginnings : MBOSE

Shri Kiran Ch. Deka, Controller of Examinations in the Secondary Education Board of Assam was appointed as Secretary of Meghalaya Board of School Education on deputation and Shri Deka took charge as the first full time Secretary of Meghalaya Board of School Education on 11th December, 1973. The Meghalaya Board of School Education Office started functioning in the Office of the Director of Public Instruction, Shillong.

The Board under the able guidance and administration of Shri Deka, supported by only a skeleton staff, successfully conducted the first High School Leaving Certificate Examination, 1973, under the new Board, the results of which were announced in the first part of 1974.
In 1974, as per the decision of the Meghalaya Government, the Board was shifted to Tura and it started functioning in the Industrial Training Institute building at Araimile, Tura.

Then in 1975, during the Chairmanship of Shri V.S. Jafa, I.A.S., DPI, the Board Office was shifted from the I.T.I. building to the Government Boys’ Multi Purpose School Boys’ Hostel at Tura Chandmary.

When Shri K.C. Deka returned to his parent department on the completion of his deputation, Shri S.C. Saha, Principal of the Government M. P. School, Tura, who was on deputation to the Board with effect from 19th January, 1976

Onto the Next Rung

During the Chairmanship of Shri T. Budkma (1982), the following officers were appointed on deputation :

  1. Shri George G. Pariat (Controller of Examinations)
  2. Shri Exwelson K. Sangma (Assistant Secretary)
  3. Smti. Cristnolla D. Marak (Assistant Secretary)
  4. Shri S. D. Basaiawmoit (Assistant Secretary)

It was also in the year 1982 that the MBOSE Cell was set up I Shillong for the smooth conduct of the Middle and Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations in the Districts of Khasi and Jaintia Hills. Two more Officers, namely Shri Carvel R. Marak and Smti. Sharona N. Marak joined MBOSE as Deputy Secretary and Academic Officer respectively, during the Chairmanship of Shrimati M.R. Mawlong.

Permanent Campus : MBOSE

With Shri V. S. Jafa, I.A.S. as the Chairman of the Board (1975), the permanent site for the MBOSE Complex was selected at Araimile, Tura and the construction of the MBOSE Administrative Building was started while Shri I. K. Sangma was on the Secretary’s Chair.

The MBOSE Building was dedicated to the service of the people of Meghalaya on 4th April, 1984, by the then Honourable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Late Captain Williamson A. Sangma. The inaugural function was chaired by the then Honourable Minister for Education, Shri R.C. Laloo.

Staffing pattern of the MBOSE

  1. Secretary appointed by the Government
  2. Controller of Examinations
  3. Deputy Secretaries :
    – Finance & Accounts
    – Textbook & Syllabus
    – HSSLC Unit
  4. Assistant Secretaries
    – Establishment
    – MSLC & PSLC: Tura and Shillong-
    – Registration & Recognition
  5. Assistant Controller of Examination
  6. Academic Officer :
  7. Superintendents : – Establishments
    – Finance & Accounts
    – Examination Branch
    – Text & Syllabus
    – Certificate Branch
  8. U.D.A.
  9. L.D.A.s –
  10. Stenographers
  11. Peons
  12. Duftries
  13. Gaardeners
  14. Chowkidars : Administrative Building
    Guest House (Tura & Shillong)
    Examiners Hostel
  15. Drivers (3 at Tura, 1 at Shillong)
  16. Cleanres
  17. Sweeper

Meghalaya Board of School Education has a Cell/Branch at Shillong under an Assistant Secretary entrusted with the MSLC and PSLC Examination works in Khasi and Jaintia Hills. But the Cell now has to take greater responsibilities with the number of Examinations conducted by the Board having increased.

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