Maps-How to Village Level Maps

Maharashtra is the second-largest state in India, in terms of population. In order to curb property-related fraud, the National Informatics Centre developed a comprehensive platform, where property buyers and sellers can check the Bhunaksha Maharashtra online. Operated by the Maharashtra Revenue Department, one can download the land map of one’s land or property, free of cost, from the Bhu naksha Maharashtra website. Also known as Cadastral Maps, these Bhunaksha documents are an important piece of information that all new buyers should check, before signing any property deal.Maps 

Bhu naksha offers a way to find and verify the legality of the land parcel. Buyers can easily find out all the information about the land including land map and its type. Checking the bhu naksha data can save from frauds. The most important function of bhu naksha, is to demarcate the exact boundaries around the land parcel, to prevent the unauthorised possession of land.

Key Benefits

  • Conducts social mapping to illustrate the layout of houses, streets, hamlets and infrastructure in the village
  • Identifies the most ideal locations to open schools
  • Helps in making assessment regarding the status of the village, infrastructure facilities and employment opportunities
  • Identifies the infrastructural and other development needs of the village
  • It helps in analysis,planning and decision making activities at the rural level by overlaying the demographics of the population like literacy rate, number of workers, age etc.
  • It also helps in determining the road networks i.e. the nationals highways,state highways with major rivers and forest around the particular village.

Unique Features

  • Updated As per Census 2011 data and new state/districts/subdistricts boundaries available formed post 2011 Available in different formats including GIS
  • Supported with strong Census population 2011 data as attribtes in GIS format
  • Helpful in analysis, planning and decision making activities at rural level
  • Can be supported with many other features including Road Network:- National Highway, State Highway and Major Roads; Rivers/Lakes; Forest/Greenary, etc.
  • Airtel and atyati-Genpact among big names who sourced such maps from Mapsofindia

Potential users

  • Central and state governments: Help inmodernisation initiatives and bringing efficiency to the land revenue administration. Also useful in planning various land-based developmental and regulatory activities
  • Private sector: Helps in planning business and economic activities.
  • Educationists: Helps in identifying ideal locations to open schools and in analysing the present status of education in an area/region

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