Learn About The Education X-ray Technician.

Learn About Being an X-ray Technician

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Are you interested in a career as an X-Ray Technician, but not sure how to start preparing for it? In this videotape, we break down the chops and education demanded, average hires and give 5 fresh tips to help you land a job in the healthcare assiduity!

What does an X-ray technician do?

AnX-ray technician uses an X-ray machine to take radiographic images of cases to help medical providers in making a opinion.

Images from theX-ray machine may also be used in choosing and enforcing the applicable treatment plan. X-ray technicians may have the following liabilities

  • Operate X-ray outfit to get images of different areas of the body
  • Acclimate X-ray machines as demanded to insure clear and accurate imaging
  • estimate, interpret and report X-ray imaging results
  • Make treatment recommendations grounded on X-ray results
  • insure the case is comfortable and cover them from radiation

Video: Becoming an X-Ray Technician

Average Salary

AnX-ray technician’s payment may vary, depending on geographical position, experience and type of position. For illustration, an X-ray technician working in an critical care office may earn lower than anX-ray technician working in a busy sanitarium.

Some X-ray technicians may have Certification in specific types of imaging that allow them to earn a advanced payment. For the most over- to- date payment information from Indeed, click on the payment link.

  • Common payment in theU.S.$25.87 per hour
  • Some hires range from$7.35 to$58.35 per hour.

X-ray technician requirements

carrying anX-ray technician position requires the completion of certain educational and training conditions, which include

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A minimum of an associate’s degree in radiology is generally needed to come anX-ray technician, and some hiring directors may bear a bachelorette’s degree.

Affiliated coursework that will help you in yourX-ray technician part includes biology, drugs, imaging and physiology. An educational program will generally offer both coursework and an externship. Before choosing a program, make sure it’s accredited by the Joint

Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technologists( JRCERT).

Over 30U.S. countries bear a license to work as an X-ray technician. still, hiring directors may still bear a license in other countries.

To admit radiology licensure, you’ll need to complete your degree from an accredited council and successfully pass an test.


utmostX-ray technicians will begin direct training through their externship program. During your education, you’ll learn how to useX-ray outfit and how to interpret and dissect imaging under the guidance of an educator.

X-ray technicians will continue their training in an entry- position position by uniting with other technicians in their first many times in the part.


Certification aren’t generally a demand as an X-ray technician, but they can show your commitment and fidelity to the assiduity. The following Certification are available as anX-ray technician

The American Registry of Radiologist Technicians (ARRT) certification

The ARRT instrument is a good option for technicians who want to specialize in a certain type of radiology. To earn the instrument, you’ll need to choose a specialty, complete education through an AART- approved institution, suffer an ethics review and successfully pass the test.

Registered Radiology Assistant (RRA)

The RRA is also available through the American Registry of Radiologist Technicians and is a good instrument for individualities who want to work as radiologist sidekicks. instrument requires a minimum of a bachelorette’s degree, instrument through the AART, one time of experience and completion of the RRA educational program. Interested aspirants will also have to suffer an ethics review and successfully pass the test.

Radiologic Technologist Mammography Certification

The Radiologic Technologist Mammographic instrument is available for registered technicians who want to specialize in mammography radiology.

To admit the instrument, the technician will need to have a minimum of 40 hours of proved training in mammography and successfully pass the test.

Therapeutic Radiologic Technology Certification

The remedial Radiologic Technology instrument is ideal for technicians who want to help cases with radiation remedy.

To earn the instrument, an associate degree with affiliated coursework in radiologic remedy, an ethics review and successful completion of the test is needed.


There are a many hard and soft chops that will help you succeed as anX-ray technician, including

X-ray technician work environment

AnX-ray technician works in a medical setting, frequently with the following characteristics

  • Long ages of time spent on their bases
  • Heavy lifting of outfit and cases
  • Frequent exposure to radiation
  • Long work hours with evening and weekends needed
  • Individual work terrain

X-ray technicians will spend much of their workday standing, conforming the machine and the case to capture the correct angles of imaging.

They’re also exposed to radiation daily but are anticipated to wear defensive gear to limit the exposure quantum. numerous X-ray technicians work as full- time workers, but hours may range depending on the work terrain.

X-ray technicians who work in a medical office can anticipate typical office hours, whereas an X-ray technician working for a sanitarium may also work on gloamings and weekends.

How to become an X-ray technician

You can come an X-ray technician with the following way

1. Complete education Completing your education is the first step to getting an X-ray technician. Enroll in a pukka radiology program and take the coursework that will help you as an X-ray technician, including biology, physiology, imaging and deconstruction.

2. Complete an internship ; utmost X-ray technician educational programs bear the completion of an externship. Use your externship to learn the important duties of an X-ray technician and to prepare you for your licensure test.

3. Apply for and take the licensure exam After you have completed your education and studied, you’ll need to record and pass the licensure test.

4. Apply forX-ray technician jobs Once you have completed your education, externship and passed the licensure test, you can apply forX-ray technician jobs. Use your cover letter and renew to show your academic experience. List any externships and Certification you have.

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