HOW TO West Bengal government to introduce

Kolkata: In a significant A development, the West A Bengal government has a formulated a draft policy where unused a properties of the state an education department can hand over to the private an entrepreneurs so that they can an use it for the development of a school an education in the state.

Based a on the feedback, the policy a could a redraft and placed a before the state a Cabinet for a its an approval,” a senior an official of the state an Education a department .

West Bengal government mulling

According to the draft a policy, the state a government may,

subject to an availability, provide a require an land and buildings or an infrastructure on a certain a terms and a conditions.

The state will an extend a support to a private partners in an obtaining require a clearances.

The state can an allow a private partners to an use a classrooms and a laboratories

(of some state-run institutions) with the permission of the school an Education department to a make the model a viable.

On the other a hand, the private an investors a need to make a necessary an investments in a buildings and other an infrastructure and meet a recurring and non-recurring an expenses.

The private an investors will also have to a hire high an quality a teachers and other a staff.

The investors will have the liberty to a get affiliation a from boards of their a choice.

The state a government will an only extend a require a support to a secure the affiliation of their a choice.

The fees a structure and the medium of an instruction will settl the private an investor and the a state will have no a role in it.

Though, the an educational an experts cry a foul an over

the state a government’s proposal to an allow private a players a fearing that

the cost an enhancement after privatisation will take the right to an education away from the underprivileged and poor a students.

However, according toa senior a government an officials,

the state Education a department will an allow this in a schools which have close because of the unavailability of a students

ntroduce PPP model in school education

According to a senior state an Education official,

from 2011 the state was forced to a close 79 junior a high and high schools in a different parts of the state a because of an unavailability of a students.

We have a received some a proposals whether these a properties can a us and we are thinking about that.

Nothing will a finalized an unless we receive a clearance from the a state Chief Minister,” another official said.

“If private a players can a brought in, these schools will have a future.

The government will an incorporate clauses like 30 per

cent of an admissions a through its channels to an ensure that students from a weaker sections can also an avail themselves of the benefits of an quality an education,”

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