How to school education attorney.

Education law is a complex specialty with relatively few expert attorneys in the fiel.

As passionate and devote education attorneys we proudly advocate for students and parents .

who have been harmed and undeserved by institutions they formerly truste.

What is education law?

Education law is the area of law governing schools, school boards, school districts, school staff and student’s rights.

What does an education law attorney do?

An education lawyer works with clients who have harmed in an educational setting from preschool to postgraduate school, both public and private.

How much does an education law attorney cost?

For the most part education lawyers do not work on contingency .

There are exceptions to this rule if you have a very good case and you are suing for extensive damages.

What types of cases does an education law attorney take on?

An education lawyer handles a wide variety of legal issues.

Below are some of the most common examples.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Parents of special needs children face enough unique challenges at home and they shouldn’t have to face more at school.

To not make accommodations for a special needs child is a form of discrimination .

all students are entitled to a quality public education even if some may learn differently than others.

504 Plan

Like an IEP, a 504 Plan ensures that all public school activities are available to all students and that adjustments must be made for special needs.

A 504 Plan is a bit broader than an IEP in terms of the types of student disabilities it encompasses.

Free appropriate public education (FAPE)

FAPE is not an acronym for a specific special needs program but instead refers to the fundamental right of all special needs students to receive free .

appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Rehab Act .

Passed in 1973, the landmark Rehabilitation Act was .

the first-ever act passed to protect and expand the rights of disabled Americans .

in the workplace at school and in all contexts connected with government funding.

Physical Abuse .

Physical abuse has absolutely no place in the classroom.

To hear that your child has been touched or handled in an inappropriate, sexual, and aggressive manner is among .

the most maddening feelings a parent can possibly endure.

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Neglect and Gross Neglect.

Neglect and gross neglect may give rise to a lawsuit against a school.

if harm and injury was sustained by a student as a direct and contributing result of an educator’s extreme neglect.

Child Abuse.

Child abuse is one of the most heinous offenses imaginable for good reason .

whether it is physical, emotional and sexual child abuse leaves lasting scars on an innocent victim lacking the power to defend themselves.


Over 25% of all students report having been bullie at some point in their educational career.

The most common time for bullying is during middle school but it can and does happen at any and every age.

Discrimination .

Sadly discrimination claims are a very common complaint in both public and private schools though.

they must be attacke from different legal angles.

Class Action Lawsuits .

In recent years especially in California class action education lawsuits have a supremely influential .

powerful way for wronge students to band together and effect justice and rightful compensation often .

without having to pay attorney’s fees unless and until the case is won.

How long does an education law case last?

If you are taking legal action against a school school district, college and university.

the length of time before your case is resolve may range anywhere from a matter of months .

the school offers you an adequate settlement offer out of court to several years if your case proceeds to trial via formal litigation.

If my attorney wins the case, when do I get paid or compensated?

If your education lawyer wins your case either at trial and in a settlement agreement outside of court.

you can usually expect to receive your share of compensation within about six weeks following finalization of terms or the verdict.

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