How to school education and higher education.

In the school education space NSDC expande its footprint to 2 new states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu taking.

the total count of states and UTs engage to 28 with a total of 9182 schools.

NSDC has worke with Ministry of Education to restructure the implementation model of skill development trainings in schools from 4-year to 2-year model .

73 Job roles were identifie across 21 Sectors will offere in schools.

NSDC also rope-in Delhi Public School to initiate implementation of Skill Development courses.

NSDC partnere with Kunskapsskolan and Manav Rachna International University .

a unique model of imparting education & learning in India.

NSDC ran a pilot project in 100 schools of Haryana in 3 Sectors Beauty & Wellness IT-ITeS & Retail.

Model IT Labs have develope in 5 schools across 5 districts in Haryana.

We have facilitate placements of students successfully complete training through ‘Job Melas’, organize along with Education Departments across 5 States viz.

Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana and West Bengal.

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higher education.

In the higher education space NSDC is working with All India Council for Technical Education for facilitation of its flagship initiative of PMKVY-TI .

Post, completion of 28,204 training SSC-Job Roles in the first phase in 2018-19.

the second phase of this scheme experience an ambitious 171,879 training targets allocation across 1,577 Colleges base on proposals receive by AICTE from several Colleges.

No new allocations have made under this program.

NSDC initiate to work with Department of Higher Education MHRD-GoI in developing an Apprenticeship model for regular general graduates undergraduates.

Under the initiative of Apprenticeship for Exiting Graduates Apprenticeship opportunity was provide for exiting graduates in select job roles from May 2019 on wards.

9 sectors and approx. 100 job roles were shortlisted for the phase 1 implementation.

This will increase the employ ability of the general graduates considerably as .

the student will have professional experience on the shop-floor after their graduation.

The entire project will funded through NAPS.

NSDC also worke with MHRD to restructure .

the BVOC program and introduce new Degree program with mandatory embedde apprenticeship.

In BVOC and degree programs apprenticeship is an embedded component .

the pilot was rolled out from academic year 2019-20 in 3 sectors and 20 colleges under NAPS.

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