How to Punjab school education board.

Punjab School Education Board is a school board based in Mohali, Punjab, India.

It was founded in 1969 under a legislative act of the Government of Punjab to administer.

the curriculum taught in public schools in the Punjab state and conduct standardized examinations in addition to conducting administration of scholarships and publishing of textbooks.

The headquarters of the Board are located in SAS Nagar near Chandigarh.

The Board is headed by a full-time Chairman whose term lasts three years .

who technically reports to the Secretary of School Education in the Government of Punjab.

The current Education Secretary of the board is IAS Sh Harsant Singh sekhon.

who is sincerely committed to shape the education system of Punjab by his pioneering Initiatives like ‘Padho Punjab’.

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Branches of PSEB Education.

Branches of PSEB The board has following branches:

  • Academic Branch
  • Establishment
  • Administration
  • Conduct
  • Secrecy
  • Punjab Open School
  • Construction Wing
  • Account Branch
  • Affiliation Branch
  • Examination Branch
  • Computer Center
  • Legal Cell
  • P.R.O
  • Verification

History of Punjab Board (PSEB) .

The PSEB or Punjab School Education Board is a school board based in Chandigarh, India.

which was founded in 25 November 1969, 49 years ago through .

a legislative act by the Punjab Government for the development and promotion of school education in the state of Punjab. In 1987.

the Vidhan Sabha amended the Board’s Act to grant it autonomy.

Here, in this article below, we have listed out the various functions of the PSEB as well as details about the exams.

resources and classes that this Punjab School Education Board is in charge of.

Functions Of The Punjab School Education Board .

Conduct middle, matriculation and senior secondary level examination at school level.

Prescribe syllabus, study courses and books for school education.

One of the main responsibilities of the board is to revise and prepare the curriculum regularly and then prepare books accordingly.

Arrange for the compilation, preparation, improvement, printing, publication, and sale of books.

To make the required arrangements for affiliations of schools to the Board.

Make all the necessary arrangements for the schools affiliated with PSEB

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