How to find five call tracking software in a call.

Top 5 Call Tracking Software’s To Track Inbound Calls

Call tracking software helps businesses measure the success of their marketing campaigns by tracking how many phone calls are generated from different marketing channels.

  1. Hub-spot
  2. EngageBay
  3. Analytic Call Tracking by Invigo
  5. Phonexa

If you’re looking to increase traffic, one of the best ways to do that is over the phone.

Phone calls are a high-quality and lead-generating source – 43% of internet users convert through phone calls!

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But how can you tell which of your marketing efforts are driving conversions?

How can you optimize your campaigns so that you’re spending money on efforts that are working best for you?

The answer is Call Tracking Software!

Let’s dig deeper into this.

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?
Inbound phone calls can be attributed in a number of ways used to track how many times people dial a specific number for more information about your company, website, products or services.

They are often generated using multiple numbers, like local numbers (typically area codes), 1 – 800 numbers and pay-per-call keywords that may appear on third-party websites or papers.

These innovative digital solutions enable any brand to track customer interactions by creating unique routing scripts based on the specific phone call source.

Some companies provide advanced call centres equipped with digital technologies to further qualify leads and collect important business data ranging from lead interest level to contact time experienced by consumers during the call.

Call tracking and call analytics products must display unique phone numbers, or caller ID codes, for each individual advertising campaign. Once calls are received by the call analytics service, they should track which ad campaign the call is associated with by matching the unique number generated by each advertiser’s campaign to an incoming phone number.

What are the Key Benefits of Call Tracking Software?
The Call tracking software offers multiple benefits, some of which are:

Call tracking enables companies to monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns by measuring the calls they receive and their origins. For example, you can figure out where your leads are coming from – like how many are coming from Facebook posts or paid advertisements on search engines for instance.
One of the greatest potential benefits of using call tracking software is that it allows you to push performance-oriented ads and eliminate underperforming ones. For example, when running a campaign through your shiny new call tracking program, you can tell during each phone call which ad is being taken advantage of and which one isn’t. This information allows you to take a break from advertising that doesn’t give consumers what they want while boosting ads that are at the top of their game!
Some SEO and pay-per-click campaigns can be very expensive, so you really have to make sure they are worth it. It’s a good idea to test new landing page designs on a few groups of customers before rolling them out to the rest of your target market. However, Call Tracking can tell you what keyword or website ad brought that customer in. This will help you determine if certain keywords are more effective than others to use when creating more ads in the future, or better yet if a change in your landing page makes those keyword ads more effective.
Call tracking helps you have insight into marketing campaigns. It is important to be efficient in developing and handling strategies for what are your critical search engine marketing efforts so that you can get a good return on investment from your campaigns. One way that you can be more aware of how people respond to different marketing tools is by using call tracking software. When used well, you will be able to see information on phone calls such as the caller’s geographical location and recording of the telephone call; this will help you make adjustments based on the data and identify where there might need to be some changes made to improve campaign performance.
Before running an advertising campaign, it is essential to first monitor its ROI of it. Spending $3000 on a campaign that only helps you generate $1000 in revenue is unacceptable and should be avoided at all costs. To avoid this, ensure you track the ROI of every advertising campaign to soften or shorten future runs when necessary and better plan future advertising budgets with more accurate ROI information.
Regardless of company objectives, however, a not-so-secret desire that many businesses have is to please customers and keep them coming back in the future. If you can provide them with a dedicated number for customer care, it enhances your customer experience and here is where Call tracking software can help you.
Call tracking technology helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. By monitoring their performance, companies are able to get a better idea of how well their team is functioning and if they need any additional training or guidance.
How to Choose Right Call Tracking Software?
Now that you know how call tracking software can enhance your marketing efforts multi-folds, it’s time to find out which call tracking software is good for your business.

Call tracking involves publishing unique phone numbers across all your campaigns. If you’re targeting a global market for your advertising, you must make sure the service provider you choose offers phone numbers of the type used in the country of your choice and that they have localized the numbers to match the local dialling codes.

Dynamic Number Generation
Call tracking numbers are MOST useful when they’re dynamically generated. This will allow you to centre your call campaigns on the market you want – whether it be a certain industry, geographic location or more generalized demographic, etc.

Your call tracking software should be customizable to meet your specific business requirements. Every business is unique and so are its requirement and the more the customization is possible, the better will be your call tracking tool

Uptime and Reliability
When choosing a call tracking solution, you should look for a company that works with your business needs and delivers excellent service. Whether you run a SaaS company or a brick-and-mortar business, we can help you track who’s calling your cellular or landline number using our tried-and-true call tracking analytics system, whatever the industry and context of your business.

Call Recordings and Transcriptions
Your call tracking software should facilitate call recordings and transcriptions. This data can be very beneficial for your company to analyze your prospective customers and their needs.

Detailed Analytics
A call tracking tool should offer detailed analytics like call time and date, caller ID, call source, caller location, call duration, and caller details.

Pricing of the call tracking tool cannot be ignored, pick the best pricing plan based on your campaigns and call frequency.

Now when you know how to pick on the right call tracking tool, here are a few call tracking tools you can explore.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a very common and advanced tool for marketing, sales, content management, call tracking and much more.

Users can call from a phone or a web browser using HubSpot’s own VOIP. It lets you assign particular call and outcome attributions to different service levels, automate transcriptions, and create follow-up task tickets. Of course, these features will work in concert with HubSpot’s comprehensive CRM tools. HubSpot’s native VOIP does not support more advanced features like IVR and incoming call routing.


For sales calls, there’s a lot of attribution, transcript, and outcome tracking functionality.
Maintains a list of tasks that occur from phone calls.

Lacks effective and full-time customer support.

Starter: Starts at $50/month
Professional: $500/month
Enterprise: $1200/month

  1. Engage-bay

The platform is aimed to integrate sales, marketing, and customer care into a single web-based solution for small businesses and startups that offers high functionality at a low cost.

EngageBay includes a CRM module that includes ticketing, help desk, and knowledge base operations, as well as basic call tracking features including call recording, call profiles and databases, call routing, and campaign tracking. Advanced call monitoring features like automated transcription, keyword tracking, and interactive voice response (IVR) are not supported.


The forms and reports are highly customizable
Can manage bulk contacts

Does not support many high-end features like IVR

Basic: $11.99 per user/month
Growth: $39.99 per user/month
Pro: $79.99 per user/month

  1. Analytic Call Tracking by Invigo

Invigo call tracking platform, EverGenius, collects every single call produced from offline or online advertisements and displays them as incoming calls on your phone through Caller ID. This helpful information collected from the market will assist you in finding out which of your ads work in the most appealing way. It also lets you know whether prospects prefer calling you directly or other ways of contact like email and so forth. With EverGenius providing you with their dashboard that clearly states how contacts move throughout what stage of the sales funnel, it’s easy to see which providers are working out the best at each step and gives useful advice on how to further refine service and meet customer needs.


Easy to use

Pricing is not available online

Starting price: $19.99 per month



Their call centre dashboard provides a deep data look at how your team is tracking in real-time so you can zoom into trends, priorities, and actionable insights. This way, you know exactly where each member of your team stands and what they’re up to while they’re on the job. There are three main parts to that software: 1) Call Histories – where you can see an event breakdown, resource utilization and volume analysis. 2) Data Visualization – where you can get an overview of activity for any day with the ability to filter by the last 7 or 14 days to just get the high-level view. 3) Individual Call Details – Here’s where you track what happened, who was involved and what actions were taken from beginning to end of each call.


They are AI-powered
Offers superb call analytics and voice transcription.

They only offer web support.

Starter: $240/month
Basic: $420/month
Pro: $900/month
Custom: On quote

  1. Phonexa

Phonexa offers a sophisticated call tracking solution for businesses. It provides multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that’s voice-recognition based and that also enables consumers to text their answers next time they get a call from this business. In other words, the IVR can tell them what they have to say in order to reach the person they need by responding with their verbal response instead of having to write down something or put it in a box. Phonexa also has reporting tools such as analytics and data reporting capabilities. This means phone companies using Phonexa can be far more successful and increase user experience above all by optimizing routes based on real-world usage making sure that callers who call in don’t get frustrated or lose time trying to find someone who is available so they know somebody will pick up when they’re done recording voicemails!


High-end and powerful features

Complicated Usage

Lite: $100/month
Premium: $500/month
Enterprise: On quote

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