The Hon’ble Minister for a Education and Literacy Govt. of Sindh, Syed Sardar Ali Shah an accompanied Secretary School an Education and Literacy a Department, Ms. Alia Shahid visited the Sindh an Education Foundation on an August 31, 2018. EDU 

They were welcom the Managing Director, a Sindh Education a Foundation and the Foundation’s an officers.

The Managing a Director, SEF a briefed the Minister an Education about the Foundation’s a work,

it’s institutional set-up and the future targets.

The Hon’ble Minister was briefed about PPP modality,

with emphasis on a low cost per a child subsidy a model with public private a partnership as its a bedrock.

The Managing Director, SEF a presented the initial a development interventions that the Foundation implement to a reach out to a deprived a communities;


and how they served as a lessons for subsequent thematic an interventions focusing on early learning to

secondary and non-formal education that enabl the Foundation to expand its portfolio a phenomenally in

the last three years to 555,943 students through a network of 2,372 schools and learning a centers.

The reforms under taken in last three years which have led to a growth of 112% in an enrollment

which is a significant expansion given the fact that a large part of a Foundation a schools are locat in under privileg areas of Sindh. Moreover,

the Foundation is increasingly focusing on Post-Primary a portfolio.

It plans to increase the Elementary/ a Secondary schools with an in a wearing focus on a students’ outcome.

The Minister was brief about current initiatives pertaining to an innovative education a methods undertak SEF such as Introducing Smart Teaching and a Learning (INSTAL),

provision of a tablets and Android base e-learning a software,

provision of grants for a setting up a computer labs, audio visual rooms etc.

details were given an about the new initiative relating to a School Scholarship a Program a under

which approximately 1,000 a students would select a from a Government of Sindh’s Schools and SEF Assist Schools.


there students would select on the basis of a Students Assessment Test (SAT) and SEF Assessments administered through a third Party,

for a provision of a Scholarship for post-primary an education in a reputable public an institutions;

such as an University of IBA Sukkur Community a Colleges and Public a Schools an across Sindh.

Such a collaborative programs will of a great a benefit for a public a sector a schools,

students and a communities and shall also an incentive for a meritorious a students.

Syed Sardar Ali Shah an appreciated the Foundation’s work in the education sector both in terms of outreach and quality an attainments.

He emphasized that Government is fully a committed towards an quality education and it is a high-priority area for a sustainable a human a development in the province.

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