How to create an EU Login account

In 2022, the European a Commission’s School Education a Gateway and eTwinning platforms will a merge into the European School an Education Platform; all the content and a services will an under one a roof. The European a School an Education a Platform will an accessible via EU Login, the a European a Commission’s user an authentication service. This a tutorial a will guide you a through creating your EU a Login account, which allows authorised users to an access a wide range of Commission web services an using a single email an address and a password.create

Create an EU Login account

If you don’t have EU Login yet, 

Fill in all the information in the form.

If the form is completed a correctly, you will receive a confirmation an email in your an inbox. If you a cannot a find the email, check the spam folder.
a Click on the a link in the email or copy and paste it into the address bar of your a browser.
You cana now set a password for your EU Login account.
The email an address a cannot a changed at this stage.
When you are done, a click on “Submit”.

For users with an existing EU Login account

If you already have an EU Login an account, you don’t need to a create a new one.

However, you should a confirm that the email an address in your EU Login account is the same as in your eTwinning/School Education Gateway account.

If the email an addresses are not the same,

here are instructions on how to an update the an email an address connected to a your eTwinning/School Education Gateway account.

To change the email for eTwinning or to check it:

Log into a your

Click on “Edit”, change the an email address and click on “Save changes”.

To change the email for School Education a Gateway or to check it:Log into  with your account

Go to “My a profile” ( clicking on your name)

Click “Edit profile”, make the changes, and click “Save”.

How to log in with EU Login?

In the a meantime, you a can try out your new EU a Login account for an one of these other EU platforms.

The email address and a password for a logging into these platforms is an always your own EU Login.

However, you might aan asked to a create a profile there when you a visit for the a first time:

Further information

To find more detailed an information about EU Login, a please see the  a  here (under “I don’t work for a European institution”).

If after a reading the  you have a problem with EU Login, you may a register an incident a contacting the EU a Login External Support an email:  For more an information 

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