How to check name in AnyROR 7/12 utara online.

What is Any ROR Gujarat?
Any ROR Gujarat is the designated website by Gujarat government’s revenue department to keep land records of Gujarat online. Gujarat government computerized 7/12 land record services and other land-related data for their easy accessibility.

Any ROR, which means Any Records of Rights Anywhere, is a land record software that provides legal documents about the land like 7/12 online or 7/12 utara Gujarat.

Through 7/12 Utara Gujarat—an extract of the land registry or records kept by the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat—this web portal’s main goal is to provide you with access to your land details, the name of the land owner, and more (but only if you are a resident of Gujarat).

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Any ROR Gujarat Land Record
Gujarat government’s revenue department is in charge of the (Any ROR Gujarat gov) Any RoR portal, which covers 27 districts and 225 talukas in the state. This portal’s goal is to make it easier for Gujarat citizens to access land-related data, including information about landowners, land type, area, and ownership. Any ROR’s goal is to make sure that land records in Gujarat are transparent and easily accessible.

Some of the many important details provided by this gateway for land records are listed below.

Case Details for Revenue
Entry Details of VF-6
Khata Details of VF-8A
Specifications of an Old Scanned VF-6 Entry
Details of the Integrated Survey Number
Old Scanned VF-7/12 Specifications
For Mutation- Required 35-D Notice
Details for Nondh Number
List of Entries by Month and Year
Know the owner’s name with the survey number
Survey Number Information for VF-7
The ROR Gujrat is available to landowners or buyers for the following purposes:

To verify land ownership.
Obtain information on the land.
Apply for a loan at a bank.
Confirm or examine the land’s financial documents before its sale or acquisition.
Steps to Check 7/12 AnyROR Gujrat Land Record: Urban

One can follow these steps to see Gujarat land records 7/12 Utara (Land record Gujarat) online.

Go to the Any ROR Gujarat website.
Out of the list of three alternatives on the home page, choose ‘Land Record- Urban’.
On the next page, choose the option that says “Know Khata by Owner Name” or whatever option you want.
Make a choice that fits your search parameters and enter the necessary information.
For access to the necessary data, choose the correct district, village, and taluka.
Input the CATCHALL code.
The “Get Record Details” button must be clicked to obtain the necessary information.
Steps to Check 7/12 AnyROR Gujrat Land Record: Rural
Follow the steps below to check the 7/12 AnyROR Gujarat Rural Land Record.

Go to the AnyROR Gujarat website.
Choose ‘Land Record- Rural’ on the home page.
On the next page, choose the option that says ‘Know Khata by Owner Name’, ‘ Entry List by Month-Year’, or other necessary options.
Make a choice that fits your search parameters and enter the necessary information.
For access to the necessary data, choose the correct district, village, taluka, etc.
The “Get Record Details” button must be clicked to obtain the necessary information on Any RoR rural land record.
The procedure to check online 7 12 Utara Gujarat or Any ROR 7/12 Gujarat land records is simple and quick to carry out, and it will be finished in no time.

Gujrat Land Record 7/12 ROR Online: District Wise
By using the same procedure to check 7/12 ROR Gujrat online for rural and urban areas, you can get Anyror Gujarat 7/12 for any of the 27 districts.

How to Search Property by Name In AnyROR Gujarat?
In Gujarat’s AnyRoR, searching for a property by name is a quick and easy process. You can use the online 7 12 Utara Gujarat portal to access the necessary information by following these procedures.

Go to the Anyror Gujarat website.
On the home page, choose ‘Property Search’.
Out of the list of choices, choose “Name Wise”.
Put in information like the Index-2 Village, sub-register office, district, kind of property/land, party name, search type, Name, document number, etc.
Select “Send Verification Code.”
Type the received OTP in.
To access the required documents, select “CERSAI SEARCH”.
Steps to Submit Application Through AnyROR
Applicants can submit an online application to the Gujarat state revenue department to obtain an honest industrial purpose certificate, the permission of non-cultivation with non-cultivation premium, non-agricultural permission, permission to purchase land, permission to pay a premium, city survey office-related permission, title deed-related permission, and permission related to the land survey.

To gain a better understanding, follow these steps.

Go to the Anyror Gujarat website.
Go to the top menu and select “Online Application.”
Select the first option when creating a new application, then select the one that best fits the application’s purpose.
Select the district, village, and application type.
Enter information for the New Application, such as the email address of the applicant and phone number, and complete the captcha.
Input OTP, validate it, and then send the application.
The online application will then be sent via Anyror after these procedures are finished.

Important Guidelines Before Using AnyROR Gujarat 7/12 Website
Understanding the usage requirements for Anyror Gujarat would make accessing land-related information from the portal easier. Follow these important guidelines before using the online 7 12 Utara Gujarat website.

If you find that the AnyROR Gujarat website is not active, try again later.
Gujarat residents can download property ROR only through the ROR Gujarat online portal.
A prospective buyer in Gujarat should review the necessary information on the website before purchasing any land or property.
The online 7 12 Utara Gujarat portal only permits personal use of the unauthorized copy of Khata records or ROR that is given. You may not use this computer printout as an official copy; it is intended for informational purposes.
To reduce the likelihood of exploitation, users are advised not to reveal land specifics to any unidentified party.
To Summaries
Land records are important documents to ascertain ownership and keep a record of real estate transactions. The record of rights, survey records, and property tax revenues are among the other crucial records in land records.


The AnyROR Gujaratportaloffers a range of services for extracting land records in both urban and rural locations i.e AnyROR rural land records and AnyROR urban land records. The survey number, area, owner, ownership pattern, etc. are all included in these 7/12 Utara Gujarat online details. Through the “Integrated Online Revenue Applications (IORA) portal,” the AnyROR Gujarat government also accepts online applications for several services.

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