how to become an education provider.

Only the highest quality training providers qualify for OMCP Registered Education Provider status. education

Training and educational programs that are OMCP-Approved provide enhanced value to students and organizations in preparation for certification.

Over 70,000 have train to the OMCP and OMCA standards and many more are seeking competent training providers.

Courses must thoroughly prepare a graduate with the abilities, skills and knowledge commonly associate with qualification.

for employment in a minimally-supervise position in online marketing.

The following online marketing disciplines are validate OMCP.

  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing or Marketing Automation (included within OMCA and OMCP Base exams only)
  • Mobile Marketing (included within OMCA and OMCP Base exams only)
  • Digital Advertising (with PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics

Requirements for OMCA Approval Education:

A fundamentals course must thoroughly prepare a graduate with the abilities, skills, and knowledge commonly associated.

with qualification for employment in a supervised role as defined the related OMCA competency .

requirements for least five of the OMCP online marketing disciplines listed above.

Total course time may no fewer than six hours didactic with a minimum of four hours of lecture.

Prior to 2020, 26 hours was required. With the standardization of digital marketing practices, this time has been reduce .

Requirements for OMCP Approval Education:

A minimum of one fundamentals course as defined above PLUS two specialty discipline courses from the OMCP online marketing disciplines listed above.

Each specialty course must thoroughly prepare a graduate with the abilities, skills, and knowledge.

commonly associated with qualification for employment in a minimally-supervised role as defined the related OMCP competency requirements.

Each specialty-discipline course must comprise no fewer than 26 hours didactic comprising at least 16 hours of lecture.

Final exam and certificate:

Each course must provide a multiple question final exam of no fewer than 30 questions that requires a passing score.

Provider must provide a graduate with a certificate or alternate verification system to enable certification entitlement by OMCP.


Each year, provider must show evidence that training material is reviewed and updated to apply to current practices as define the relevant OMCP and OMCA competency standards.

Each renewal of REP status will require an audit of compliance and a renewal fee of $475.


Within 90 days of application, provider must provide proof of at least one OMCP-Certified Trainer on staff to oversee content and answer student inquiries.

Once approved, Registered Education Providers in good standing will list as such on the OMCP web site.

Benefits for OMCP Registered Education Providers .

OMCP REP status includes additional benefits and privileges:

Up-to-date Competency Documents for Curriculum Compliance:

REPs receive digital versions of OMCA and OMCP competency documents across all disciplines.

These are outlines used to build OMCA and OMCP-approved courses.

Many providers find this to the most valuable part saving thousands of hours or research and surveys of hiring managers.

Free Practice Exams for Students:

Registered education providers may issue a limited number of free-access codes to practice exams.

Certification Discount:

Registered education providers receive deep discounts on exams used for employee trainers to remain in compliance .

Exam Voucher Resale:

Registered education providers may resell vouchers for OMCP/OMCA Exams at up to 60% discount from listed fees.

One Exam Voucher per Year:

The application and renewal fee includes one voucher for a proctored exam to meet the institutional exam requirement.

The exam voucher must use within 90 days of registration or renewal.


OMCP education providers may use the OMCP brand to differentiate themselves from other education providers.

REPs will be provided with an OMCP logo and branding package with instructions for where and how to place OMCP logos within promotional materials.

Change the Standard Education:

Registered Education Providers are invited to participate in the OMCP Community of Practice, a network of OMCP REPs, members, and certified individuals who gain recognition for contributing to the standards.

OMCP maintains an ongoing and current dialog about the creation and maintenance of standards for the online marketing profession through this group.

The community also serves as a network resource for participants.

Endorsement from OMCP:

REPs receive a listing as a Registered Education Provider on the website.

For some educators this is a primary source of qualified registrants.
Steps for Accreditation and Approval

Steps for Accreditation and Approval Education .

1. Application and Competency Review Phase.

Upon receipt of application and US $475 fee, OMCP supplies OMCP and OMCA competency standard outlines to the applicant and begins the process of verification.

Some institutions prefer to purchase and download the competency standards before application.

If the applicant is using courses from another accredited OMCP education provider in good standing, no course evaluation steps are necessary.

The application fee includes one exam voucher that can applie to OMCA or OMCP exam for a faculty member within 90 days of application.

2. Competency Mapping Phase .

In phase two the candidate maps each primary competency to a module and chapter in each candidate course.

Primary competencies with an action or directive .

OMCP will review your mapping and recommend whether and not the candidate courses are ready for a course evaluation.

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3. Course Evaluation Phase Education.

In phase three, the following steps are followed.

  • Candidate provider initiates course review, pays fee for each course to review .
  • Candidate provider makes course material/videos available to OMCP and outside evaluator
  • Evaluator receives annotated competency documents (candidate mapping) and access to courses
  • OMCP evaluator samples the course content/media against mapped claims to confirm compliance or lack of it.
  • OMCP checks results, makes a judgment on compliance, provides report, and notifies candidate provider.

If you are providing courses, or plan to provide courses that meet the above requirements, completion of the following form will start the application process.

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