How to apply PAN card online step by step

How to apply PAN card online step by step

PAN stands for endless Account Number and is a unique identification number issued by the Income duty department of India to identify every taxpayer in the country. This composition will guide you on how to apply for a PAN card online through NSDL/ UTIITSL as well as offline.

Applying for a PAN card has come easier for people these days as they can now apply for a fresh PAN online as well as offline. Indeed those who have lost their PAN card can apply online for a manufacture of the card or get thee-PAN from NSDL or UTIITSL. Let us bandy how to apply for a PAN card online as well as offline, freights involved, documents needed and further.

How to Apply for PAN Card Online

PAN Application through NSDL( Protean) Portal

The government has made vittles for aspirants to apply for PAN through the Income duty PAN Services Unit of NSDL. Follow these easy way to apply for a PAN online

Step 1 Open the NSDL point( https// to apply for a new PAN .

Step 2 elect the Application type – New PAN for Indian citizens, foreign citizens or for change/ correction in being PAN data.

Step 3 elect your order – existent, associations of persons, a body of individualities,etc.

Step 4 Fill in all the needed details like name, date of birth, dispatch address and mobile number in the PAN form.

Step 5 On submitting the form, you’ll get a communication regarding the coming step.

Step 6 Click on the “ Continue with the PAN Application Form ” button.

Step 7 You’ll be diverted to the new runner where you have to submit your digitale-KYC.

Step 8 Select whether you need a physical PAN card or not and give the last four integers of your Aadhaar number.

Step 9 Enter your particular details, contact and other details in the coming part of the form.

Step 10 Enter your area law, AO Type, and other details in this part of the form. You can also find these details in the tab below

Step 11 The last part of the form is the document submission and protestation.

Step 12 Enter the first 8 integers of your PAN card to submit the Application . You’ll get to see your completed form. Click Proceed if no revision is needed.

Step 13 Select thee-KYC option to corroborate using Aadhaar OTP. For evidence of Identity, Address and Date of Birth, elect Aadhaar in all fields and click on Proceed to continue.

Step 14 You’ll be diverted to the payment section where you have to make payment either through demand draft or through net banking/ disbenefit/ credit card.

Step 15 A payment damage will be generated on successful payment. Click on “ Continue ”.

Step 16 Now for Aadhaar Authentication, tick the protestation and elect the “ Authenticate ” option.

Step 17 Click on “ Continue withe-KYC ” after which an OTP will be transferred to the mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

Step 18 Enter the OTP and submit the form.

Step 19 Now click on “ Continue withe-Sign ” after which you’ll have to enter your 12- number Aadhaar number. An OTP will be transferred to the mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

Step 20 Enter OTP and submit the Application to get the Acknowledgement slip in pdf having your date of birth as the word in DDMMYYYY format.

Steps to Apply for PAN through UTIITSL Portal

Then’s how you can apply for a new PAN card online through the UTIITSL website

Step 1 Visit the UTIITSL PAN card Application runner and under PAN Services Select ‘ PAN Card for Indian Citizen/ NRI ’

Step 2 Click on ‘ Apply for New PAN Card( Form 49A) ’

Step 3 Choose either the ‘ Physical Mode ’ whereby you’ll have to submit the published- inked Application form at the nearest UTIITSL office or the ‘ Digital Mode ’ whereby the Application form is inked using Dsc mode or using Aadhaar grounded eSignature and you need not submit the physical dupe for the form.

Step 4 Fill in your particular and other obligatory details

Step 5 corroborate the correctness of the filled- in information and click on the ‘ Submit ’ button

Step 6 Upon verification, you can go ahead and make the payment online by choosing either of the available payment gateway options BillDesk or PayU India. You can pay via netbanking, disbenefit card, credit card, cash card,etc.

Step 7 On successful payment, you wil get a payment evidence. You can either save this or take a printout of the same.

Step 8 Affix 2 passport- sized photos(3.5 ×2.5 cms) on the published form and put your hand on the space handed

Step 9 Attach a dupe of your identity, address, and date of birth evidence documents along with your fully filled Application form and submit online or shoot the same to the nearest UTIITSL office for processing and allocation of your PAN Card.

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Applying for a PAN Card Offline

aspirants can choose the offline system as well to apply for the PAN card. They can visit a near drum NSDL/ UTIITSL centre and follow the way

1.Download and publish form 49A. The form can be downloaded from.

2. Fill the form and fix two passport size photos on the form.

3. Pay the figure in the form of demand draft in favour of ‘ NSDL – PAN ’ outstanding at Mumbai/ UTIITSL

4. Attach tone- attested photocopies of attestations with the form.

5. Mention ‘ Application FORPAN-N-Acknowledgement Number ’ superscripted on the envelope of the Application form. The Application has to be transferred to-

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