how to Advanced secondary find G.O. 720

A fault line created among tutoring fraternity in government seminaries Tamil Nadu’s Government Order 720 that was issued in 1981 to specify reaches for career progression is hanging to develop into a crack.Advanced 

Headmasters andpost-graduate preceptors of government advanced secondary seminaries want theG.O.,

which, they say, denies them their due promotional openings, to scrap or at least amended.

On the other hand, heads of government high seminaries and graduate preceptors

who far outnumber HMs and preceptors at elderly situations have advised the State government against tampering with

In a representation to the Chief Minister,

State general clerk of Tamil Nadu High and Advanced Secondary seminaries ’ Association Sami.

Sathiyamoorthy prompted the State government to desist from amending theG.O.

and that the entire vacuities for the post of District Educational Officer must be filled with eligible high academy headmasters. To punctuate this demand,

pressing the same demand, over,000 members of Tamil Nadu Post Graduate preceptors ’

Association( TNPGTA) have planned to take out a procession with tonsured heads from Ramapuram to the Secretariat in Chennai on February 2 if the State government doesn’t respond this month-

‘ Injustice to preceptors ’

The GO, according to PG preceptors and heads of government advanc secondary seminaries,

does injustice to them as they, despite their senility in service,

lose out on the occasion for elevations to graduate preceptors and heads of high seminaries with lower times of service.

graduate preceptors and heads of high seminaries with lower times of service.

The State’s continuity with the GO was enabling high academy preceptors to come headmasters,

District Educational Officers and Chief Educational Officers in quick race,

while PG preceptors are need to stagnate in their position for nearly two decades,

a representative of the association said, calling for release of the report of the one-

member commission constitute to study failings in theG.O.

According toT. Subramanian, State chairman of Tamil Nadu Advance Secondary Headmasters ’

Association, this problem would not have arisen had there a separate directorate for advanced secondary education. 

“ There should no jump in the system of perpendicular creation. 

For a continuing result, we aren’t antipathetic to

the idea of ranking DEO skeleton above that of advanced secondary academy head to make creation more meaningful, ”Mr. Subramanian said.

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