How to activities school education Punjab.

The Resources for teachers of the PSEB Punjab School Education Board available on the tick Links platform.

Introduction of tick Links .

This tick Links is a free and easy-to-use platform and app.

it is a uses progressive educational practices to help teachers create lesson plans that are tailore to different boards and curriculum.

A Learning experience of over 90% of school students are influence by teachers.

NEP 2020 expects arts integrate learning values-integrate learning science integrate learning integrating to current context etc..

This requires that teachers are well equippe with various ideas before they conduct a class.

tick Links helps teachers with clear learning outcomes with aligne instructional strategy and material.

It is reduces their class preparation time and improves class effectiveness.

tick Links has over 9500 high-quality teachers lesson plans for Class 1-10th covering Maths, EVS, Science, English, and SST.

These are a open links and freely accessible.

Tick Links have covere school lesson plans for CBSE and various state board curriculum Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam, Jharkand, Meghalaya.

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Resources available of PSEB – Punjab School Education Board .

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is a school board base in Mohali, Punjab.

The board was founde to administer the curriculum taught in public schools and it publishes its own textbooks.

It is Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) conducts a matriculation exam at the end of the secondary schools.

Punjab board is mainly responsible for preparing curriculum and syllabus for all affiliated schools that come under Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).

How tickLinks resources help PSEB – Punjab School Education Board teachers .

as Learning resources are the tools for teachers .

students to facilitate learning and to invoke interaction and discussions among students.

It is much beyond the conventional printed textbooks and notes.

tick Links is an online platform that helps in creating effective lesson plans.

It acts like Wikipedia for teachers.

We provide lesson plans for various boards and so also for Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).

It highly follows the Punjab state board curriculum and make available school lesson plans with outcome-based learning.

tick Links has resources for Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) .

it is quite helpful for the teachers to see because .

the resources have subjects and units for all the grades with comprehensive set of lesson plans .

the number of the period for each unit along with the time duration.

This helps teachers to plan their things accordingly beforehand.

tick Links will help you reduce your class preparation time and real-time tracking and quizzes, activities, and videos for students to better engage.

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