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101+ Rangoli Designs Handpicked For a Beautiful Decor

Looking for awe-inspiring rangoli designs for your wedding or home decor? Say no more! We’ve got 101 of the most beautiful, detailed and Instagram-worthy rangoli designs for you.

From time immemorial, a rangoli adorning someone’s house has been a symbol of celebration and festivities. No matter what the cause of revelry – festivals, weddings, birthdays, one thing that remains constant are the ever-beautiful Rangoli designs with which the members of the household decorate their abodes.

Carrying forward the same traditions in a wedding, every ritual has some of the best Rangoli designs at the venue to amplify the ambiance all around. After all, with everything from the walls to the tables decked up, you wouldn’t want the floors to be left behind, would you? Amp up your wedding decorations with alluring and unique rangoli designs to make that color pop worth a WOW!

Excited about the idea of Rangoli designs, but don’t yet know what exactly to ask your wedding decorator? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have curated a bunch of simple rangoli designs images which are sure to make you go Woah! The details, the techniques, the colors, what’s not to like? Start scrolling and be prepared to be Ahh-mazed.

In this Article –

  1. Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali with Floral Patterns
  2. Easy Rangoli for Diwali 2021
  3. Simple Rangoli for Diwali with Mandala
  4. Easy Rangoli Designs with Dual Tones
  5. Unique and Simple Rangoli for Diwali
  6. Kolam Rangoli Designs
  7. Gudi Padwa Rangoli Designs

Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali with Floral Pattern
Flowers and Rangoli go hand in hand. If you search for beautiful rangoli designs, you are bound to come across a lot of flowers – both as ingredients and motifs. Prepare to be swooped away by these amazing rangoli images.

Orange Blossoms

This is one of the greatest examples of simple rangoli designs. The orange color pops out quite alluringly and the mesh effect adds simple charm to the whole art.

The Sunflower Magic

Talking about warm hues, how can we forget the sunflower? The petals in ombre orange come out beautifully when the contrast is created in these rangoli designs with colors and are good enough to be the center of attention.

Watch it Bloom

Another simple and easy rangoli image with a sunflower. The use of bold white swatches makes it look extra neat.

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Mirror Image

Adding some symmetry to the line-up – what a colorful play of two imposing flowers interlinked with simple white stripes. This is one of the prettiest floral rangoli design images that you must include in your wedding decor.

The Dainty Lotus

Not only are lotuses auspicious, but they also make for a great visual treat. We are loving the 3D effect on this rangoli design created by using dual shades for the petals.

The Pink v/s Orange Dual

Mix it up with two different lotuses, one in pink and one in orange. The details and the symmetry in this kind of unique rangoli design are bound to take some practice beforehand.

Feeling So Aquatic

Adding a dash of blue to this lotus design makes this rangoli pic a great idea because it immediately reminds one of a mesmerizing water body, the natural abode of lotuses.

Lines and Petals

This simple rangoli designs image has our heart. This is made using minimum colors (and techniques), and yet it is eye-catchy without being too hard on the work front.

Enmeshed Light

There is such a subtle charm to this one. Diyas and lotuses are made with generous curves. This rangoli design image has to be a favorite owing to how soothing it is to the eyes.


Some petals, some dots, and a whole lot of precision. The band of a neutral zone within the simple rangoli design with dots simplifies the look and gives some breathing space, both to the patterns and the viewer.

The Enchanted Rose

Fan of beauty and the beast? Why not have this beautiful rangoli design with a blue rose motif at the entrance to the venue?

Ring of Flowers

Another beautiful, yet simple specimen among the many unique rangoli designs. The petals used in this are simple enough for beginners to try and yet the result is as breathtaking as any complicated one.

Royal Purple

If purple is your favorite color, then this rangoli design will immediately become the number one choice to try out. The colors blend so beautifully together and the paisley and lotus motifs give this a charming look.

Flower, Gleam, and Glow

This beautiful rangoli design is great if you’re going for a subtle yet neat design that focuses more on block colors for its appeal.

Rosy-fingered Dawn

This rangoli design starts very easy but its real beauty comes with the mesh detailing of the outermost layer of this flower motif rangoli.

Hues of Elegance

The use of two shades in this rangoli image makes it look so vibrant and quirky that we are tempted to pick it off from our screen and paste it on our notebooks and/or laptops.

Not your Regular Rangoli

This kind of simple rangoli design with dots relies heavily on meshes and it looks easier to make than it is. But if you want to go for a hatke look, then this is a good break from the circle rangoli design.

Easy Rangoli for Diwali 2021
A rangoli made out of flower petals is not just aesthetic to look at, it also spreads its fragrance throughout the venue. Bonus points- nothing works better than flowers while working around some elements such as lamps, posts, or pillars. Check out these floral rangoli designs-

Pots and Trinkets

This entire venue is done up so beautifully with flowers but the center of attraction is the beautiful floral rangoli design around the pot. The rangoli is made using entire flowers and thus doesn’t take too much time to materialize.

Let it Swirl

Here’s another great example of simple rangoli design images using entire strings of flowers. This type of work gives you the flexibility of creating complex shapes and patterns (though large) and changing and modifying them at your will.

The Doormen

When it comes to flower petals though, they bring a whole different kind of versatility to the table. Look at these simple rangoli designs unified in the form of a carpet to border the reception hall. We have earlier explored some exciting wedding reception ideas which incorporate flower petals.

Everywhere You See

Oh, we forgot to mention. Flower garlands don’t just make for great circular rangoli designs but are also your best bet if you want to beautify the entire venue and much of its empty spaces.

Hello Sunshine!

Floral rangoli designs around pots are used frequently and yet still, give spectacular results. Take for example this click-worthy work of art and marigolds.

Bright and Sunny

If you’re going to have your wedding ceremony outdoors, especially with such a huge relic-like decor, add a pop of color to the surroundings with some flower petals and simple rangoli design images like this one. You can even evoke the sun and add a sundial to your decor

Flowers will Guide You Home

And why just the venue of the main function? You can decorate all the pathways up to the place, so that the minute someone walks in, they know they’ve reached the right place.

Teardrops on My Stairway

Talking about big empty spaces, outdoor weddings also seem to deal with a lot of stairways and such. Make sure they stand out too with simple rangoli designs such as this.

Simple Rangoli for Diwali with Mandala
Mandala rangoli designs rely heavily on symmetry and precision, above everything else, to make the rangoli come out beautifully. The motifs can be simpler and not as elaborate, but the uniformity and the skill required to ace that final beauty is huge.

Of Shells and Petals

This rangoli image requires a cone, skills, and a lot of patience. The shading here might not be as easy to achieve in the first few tries so don’t lose heart.

Bright and Beautiful

A slight variation to the previous one, in this rangoli design image, the focus immediately goes to the bold colors and the glow of the lamps

Therapeutic Work of Art

This beautiful rangoli design can be aced in a couple of stints if your sense of symmetry is bang on. Just looking at these perfect swirls is so satisfying, imagine making them and watching them materialize right in front of your eyes.

Blooms and Petals

A comparatively easier rangoli design once you’ve mastered the art of using rangoli cones. It is nonetheless pleasing and soothing.

It Takes Two (Co-lours) to Tango

This unique rangoli design is very easy to make. Starts simple and clean, then advances to a very precision-based technique and then back to easy designs. The play with dual shades is what gives these rangoli patterns an edge over others.

I Got the Flower!

This rangoli image plays beautifully with the different shades within every petal. For beginners, you can try replicating this flower with just one primary color and its shades.


You might need a compass for this one. The interlinked circles are a very popular motif in round rangoli designs and we can see why.

The Swirls on the Floor go Round and Round

Swirl and flick. This rangoli design catches your eye with the swirls on the outermost layer, but the inner circle is the one that makes you say wow. Simple, elegant, on point.

The Trickiest of Them All

A more complicated version of the swirl and flick. This beautiful rangoli design brings together so many technical elements- swirls, dots, and shading. Master them individually and you will steal the thunder at the first Diwali in your new home.

The Mandala Motifs

The five-pointed leaf is a very popular motif in mandalas and comes out beautifully in the rangoli images too.

The Star of the Show

Start with the star at the center and then swirl your way to victory around it. This is a petite but powerful rangoli design.

Started from a Simple Flower, Now We Here

The detailing and the shading on this one will take a trained hand.

Less is More

A soft and simple rangoli design – the marigold garland gives it a 3 D effect and we’re loving it.

Jalebis and Assorted Sweets

A very smooth, yet beautiful rangoli design, especially for beginners to try.

Best of Both Worlds

This rangoli design image manages to give a vibe of minimalist yet detailed work, all at once.

Whirls of Glory

From a distance, this rangoli image looks like a whirlpool of roses. Up close the simplicity of it all takes your breath away.

‘Nau-Nau Choodiyan’ Put to a Whole Different Use

Get creative with your rangoli designs and use everyday items such as bangles to make your work easier, fun, and beautiful. This one is a rangoli hack right there.

Shades and Circles

The domes and petals are great, but what caught our eye was the detailing in the middle layer. Look how beautiful purple and black merge.

The Patchwork Magic

The center circle of this rangoli image is a riot of colors whereas surrounding it is a serene white. Brilliant idea for rangoli designs, isn’t it?

The Power of Dots

So much is going on in this rangoli design and we are awed by it all.

String of Roses

This half rangoli image is easy to make, and sure to please.

Colorful Shadows

This one plays with just a couple of basic rangoli motifs, combined with clever use of shadows – and yet the result is so endearing.


This is a great example of geometric rangoli designs. The square, though not visible, is ever-present.

Strung Together

This beautiful rangoli design is achieved using minimal lines and dots.

Highs and Lows

The block shades of pink and blue would be great if you’re going for an overarching color scheme.

A Colorful Affair

Even as you ogle at the colorful center motif, the simple white mesh in the background gives it a neat and put-together look that’s hard to achieve.

The White Teardrops

In the beginning, this might look like a fairly simple rangoli design but don’t be fooled at the primary colors in the center. The real hard work is in the white mesh-work, which has come out beautifully.

A 2D Floral Garland

The Paisley motif takes center stage in this breathtaking rangoli design. Even the combination of soft yellow and orange with green has worked out very well.

Layers of Beauty

Domes, Paisleys, and leaves. If this rangoli design gets too complicated to execute, definitely consider this as the mehndi design for the back of your hand.

The Pink Panther

A simple rangoli design that becomes spectacular with repetition and precision. This is a great design for beginners to get their bearing and yet steal the show.

Here for the Beginners

This simple rangoli design with dots relies quite a bit on dots and the result is fantastic. Another great design to start with.

An Oriental Daydream

The concentric circles, embellished with domes and arches, give a royal look to this rangoli and the mustard color is pulling this off.

Cue Simplicity

A simple rangoli design image that becomes accentuated with the use of white. When it comes to rangoli designs, we feel white is quite an understated, but powerful element.

Cue Happiness

Ah! Such pretty colors and marigold petals on this one. This rangoli design is a must-have for a mehndi function.

Water Lilies and Crescents

A combination of moons and lotuses, this simple rangoli design is something that is not seen often. Notice the alternate shade of green in the moon-shaped petals, you might have missed it at first glance but it works wonders for the look.

Hello Spring!

This beautiful rangoli design relies heavily on semi-circles, a motif that is both easy to make and lovely to look at. The color scheme is the real show-staler.

(amper)Sands of Time

For the queen of hearts, this beautiful rangoli is a must-have at one of the wedding ceremonies for sure.

Fool me Once

Another favorite owing to the sheer brilliance of simplicity and color combination. At first glance, it seems like one of the fairly complex rangoli designs but a closer look would reveal that the shapes are not that complicated and work great together.

Bakes and Beautiful

Just in case you have a sweet tooth and want to pay homage to all things baked and sweet, we have just the rangoli design for you. Try this French-heart rangoli and only let a chosen few into the secret.

Inside the Box

When on the topic of square rangoli designs, a square is also a very prevalent base structure. The four-pointed Diyas at the corner, complemented with the real thing is the main eye-catcher.

Doodles and Daisies

This rangoli image reminds us of all the doodling done at the back of school notebooks. The flowers and the swirls in the center have a simple, and sweet charm.

Pretty in Pink

Loving the interplay of purple with pink and blue. A perfect example of a unique rangoli design that requires 2-4 colors and comes out as detailed works of art.

Playful Paisleys

The main focus of this rangoli design is the Paisley (or the tear-drop) motif. But look at the amount of variety that can be achieved with just one basic shape.

Flowers and Friends

Paisleys and hearts. This beautiful rangoli design manages to bring together a free-form look along with the confinement of boundaries, without either imposing on the other.

A Study in Scarlet

This concentric beauty must have taken quite some hours to come out so beautifully. These are the kinds of best rangoli designs you daydream onto paper a million times before actually making them on the floor.

It’s an (s)Teal

This ornate big rangoli design is a great idea if you want to do something different and aesthetic. Teal isn’t often seen in rangoli and even more rarely as the prime color. The black patterns are giving it a wrought iron look which is surprisingly refreshing.

Here for The Rounds

Simple shapes repeated often enough and made with the use of vibrant colors, makes this round rangoli design a great idea for puja rangoli designs.

Flora and Kola m

This flower rangoli kola m serves a dual purpose. The marigold-like petals and the bold colors with neat concentric circles make for the perfect backdrop for all the festivities.

Did Someone Order Bright?

Loving the colors on this one. This simple rangoli design is especially appealing because of how it plays with easy-to-make shapes to make such a unique pattern.

Mirage of Meshes

This simple rangoli design can be done in record time once you’ve mastered your circles and your mesh. The only rangoli pattern that might take a bit of getting used to, is the lotus.

Stripes and Shades

This beautiful rangoli design plays with basic shapes and stripes which add a whole other layer to the design without making it extremely complicated to make.

A Beautiful Tyranny of Triangles

The use of stripes in the previous rangoli image made us think of one which is purely lines and stripes. These concentric triangles merge well within each other, making for a simple and elegant rangoli design.

Color me Happy!

The single most endearing thing about this floral rangoli design is the cheerful colors and bold outlines which give it a favorable buoyancy and crowd-pleasing appearance.

In the Middle of Mesh- I

Simple rangoli designs and patterns can work great if you know what you are doing. This rangoli design relies heavily on diyas and meshwork and makes for one helluva good entrance rangoli.

In the Middle of Mesh- II

If the previous rangoli design was a bit too simple for your taste, try this slightly more complex rendition of the same basic design.

Heart of the Matter

Vibrant and lively use of bright colors and heart-shaped motifs. This rangoli design is good enough to paint on permanently.

Crystal Clear

The simplicity of this big rangoli design is what makes it so beautiful. Neat lines, and the excellent use of empty spaces to make the floor a part of the design, a clever and useful techniques indeed.

Easy Rangoli Designs with Dual Tones
Using geometric shapes and patterns you can go for a variety of combinations for spectacular rangoli designs. One particular kind that we are drooling on right now is minimalist designs made using only 2 colors with intricate lines and shapes as opposed to fill-in colors. Have a look-

Tantalizing Teal

Teal and white make for a perfect combination. The central pattern is a simple flower which branches out to different designs. This design, though not as symmetrical as we’ve been seeing but just as appealing.

Sunny Yellows

This is a beautiful rangoli design that uses yellow selectively while white does all the work. And yet the overall look is brought out by the dual tones equally.

Signature Whites

This rangoli design only uses one color and the additional hues are added by outside elements such as the diyas’ light and the floor itself.

Hues of Blue

This unique rangoli design uses a couple of shades of blue to make some unusual rangoli patterns and the whole look is accentuated with the subtle yet intricate white.

Pink Delight

The pink and the white fuse together in this playful dance of swirls and paisley patterns. The leaves connecting the best rangoli design are simple to make and beautiful to look at as well.

Blooming Blues

The thing we love the most in this rangoli design is how the diya’s light adds a faint pink glow to this design made using only blue and white. Also, notice the precision and execution of the pattern.

Fiery Red

The color red spells out festivities and joy like none other. Make it the center of attention with this beautiful rangoli design.

Signia of Royalty: The Peacock
Another frequent motif in Rangoli designs is the most gorgeous birds of all The peacocks. Peacocks are considered auspicious and hence the motif is widespread in all the regalia of weddings, from your mehndi design to the rangoli. Keep browsing for some stunning peacock rangoli patterns-

Cent re Stage

This rangoli image keeps the peacock at the center of the design, making it beautiful by its subtlety. A very intricate design that seems perfect for the royal bird to be surrounded by.

The Colours of the Rainbow

The plumage of the peacock is done with flowers in this peacock flower rangoli design and adds a fresh look to the often-repeated patterns.

Whimsical in White

We love this peacock rangoli design for its sheer simplicity. Made using only rice flour the rangoli pattern stands out owing to the flower garland all around it.

Moroni Banke

Talk about regal. The plumage of this particular peacock is done beautifully and spans a vast portion of the rangoli design.

Dainty Beauty

Compact yet intricate, what’s not to love about this peacock rangoli image? Love peacocks and can’t get enough of them? Check out these peacock work blouses for some couture inspiration.

Diwali Decoration Ideas with Unique Rangoli Designs
Loved these traditional rangoli designs? That’s not all. We have quite a few amazing ones stored up for you. These are unique in their concept and execution and should be all the inspiration you need for your wedding decor.

Praying and Slaying

The Kalash is a very important part of all Hindu rituals and it is not uncommon to find it in rangoli design images. This one here makes fantastic use of floral motifs to give an impression of a Kalash.

For the Love of Tulsi

This is an easy rangoli design for Diwali. The pattern depicts a Tulsi plant which is sacred and would be perfect for the area near the mandap.

If ten million Fireflies…

Want to try something different? What about rangoli design images made entirely with fairy lights? Need we say more?

Light a Candle, Light the World

Taking the motif of light and love forward, how about this beautiful Rangoli decoration with candles? Perfect for an evening engagement ceremony.

Hold the Door

When it comes to rangoli designs for doors and borders, try this one for simplicity.

The Showstopper

And drum-rolls, the most unique rangoli design we found for the bride-to-be. Try this one for its appeal and one-of-a-kind look. After all, the guests should know that it’s Papa’s princess who’s getting married. Rangoli designs and patterns are not just soothing to look at, making them is very calming too. Hope you are inspired by these patterns and would have them at your wedding and every important function and celebration through your married life.

Kola m Rangoli Designs

The difference between the rangoli design and the Kola m design is that rangoli is a free-form form, whereas Kola m patterns contain dots. To create Rangoli Kola m designs, various dots are strung together in loops or gestures.

Peacock Kola m Rangoli Design

Whether you love peacocks or cannot get enough of them, take a look at these gorgeous peacock rangoli designs for some divine inspiration. Whether you enjoy peacocks or you can’t get enough of them, take a look at this gorgeous peacock rangoli for your abode.

Lotus Kola m Rangoli Design

White blend with lotus design in this playful dance of swirls and paisley patterns is looking astounding. The leaves that connect the best rangoli design are easy to make and also beautiful to view in person.

Abstract Rangoli Kolam Design

When it comes to abstract rangoli designs, an abstract square structure is also very common. The four-pointed Divas at the corner are very eye-catching, particularly when they are paired with real flowers.

Divinity Rangoli Kola m Design

This Rangoli design has a beautiful divine design that depicts the religious connotation and it portrays the lord of luxury who blesses everyone with good wealth. The Om Namah Narayan Tikka in the midst further exhibits the divine reflection in this. A perfect rangoli design for your entrance and temple.

Temple Rangoli Kola m Design

Rangoli designs have a beautiful divine design that encapsulates their religious significance, and it represents the lord of luxury who blesses people with good wealth. The temple structure in the midst further exhibits the divine reflection in this.

Gudi Padwa Rangoli Designs
Simple Easy Gudi Pahwa Rangoli Designs

Gudi Paw Rangoli designs have a gorgeous divine design that signifies their religious significance as well as the lord of luxury who blesses people with wealth. The divine structure in the midst further displays the festive reflection.


Light and Life Gudi Pahwa Rangoli Designs

Bringing together ideas, flowers, and a lot of colors, this has got to be the best rangoli design is bound to be a hit with your guests.

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